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The estimated cost for this construction initially was ` 7.5 Crores, as in 2008, during inception of the idea. After that, with the funds available with generous donations, from individuals and various Government/ Private Organizations, we have partially constructed the structure with an expenditure of around ` 10 Crores. The cost of the construction over-shoots the initial estimate with each passing days.

This two storied structure accommodates an 1100 seater Auditorium at the lower level and the Temple on the first floor with a spacious ’Naat-Mandir’ to accommodate 800 devotees.

Though, the structure, including the Auditorium is incomplete, but we are arranging various Pujas including Sri Sri Durga Puja, Discourses, Musical Programs, and other Spiritual/ Cultural/ Educational activities in the auditorium throughout the year.

The Temple is yet to shift to this under-constructed Temple, as there is some works left to the inner part of the Temple and ‘Naat-Mandir’, including the Sanctum-Sanctorum. At present the daily Puja of Sri Sri Thakur is conducted at the make-shift tin-shaded Temple, as from the inception of the Ashrama, at this present place. To complete the construction of the Temple and to shift the Holy Alter of Sri Sri Thakur to this new Temple, another ` 3 Crores is urgently required.

All individuals, devotees, trusts, organizations, and others, earnestly requested to donate generously to complete the construction of the Temple. Each donation will be appreciated and will be recognized in a befitting manner.